When did we grow up?

When we were teenagers we were running around getting wasted in the clubs with our fake ids, while the world told us to go to college to ensure a good career. In our twenties we were told don’t make mistakes, get the perfect job, settle down, and find the love of your life. Meanwhile reality for most in their 20’s is party 7 nights a week while jumping from one job to another just to pay the bills jump from relationship to relationship and later state it was all about “finding ourselves”. Just when you reach the end of the era and the Evil “Dirty Thirty” approaches everyone 10 years older then you goes on to tell you about how your 30’s are now the best years of your life.

I’m still waiting for that amazing realization to surface but has yet to be seen. I will say I traded tequila for wine which surprisingly tastes good. I have watched friends get married, buy houses, get divorced, have children and yet here I am happily single wondering do I really have to lock myself down with the rest of them? Why is society so dead set on this life timeline of that which it is to be lived and who the fuck decided they were calling the shots? If you ask me at 34 I still want to travel, see new things, still go to concerts, blare my music in my car and yes still drop the F BOMB in public when necessary. Does that mean I’m not an adult…….#askingforafriend

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